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Q. Is Cable 8 - Medfield.TV?

Originally known as Cable 8, Medfield.TV is local community television for Medfield, Massachusetts. Medfield.TV administers three local PEG Access cable channels on the town's two cable providers. On Comcast these are channels 8, 12, and 22 and 36, 45, 47 on Verizon FIOS.

Q. Where is Medfield.TV located?

Medfield.TV studio and office are located within the Medfield High School building at 88 South Street (Rear). We are located right across from the cafeteria back entrance.

Q. Who participates at Medfield.TV?

Medfield. TV welcomes all Residents of Medfield, Town of Medfield employees Medfield-based non-profit organizations and employees of Medfield businesses. This includes free use of TV production, equipment and facilities, cable TV channel time.

Q. Do you provide training?

Medfield.TV offers workshops designed to provide local volunteers the basic skills necessary to produce television programming. Studio production training covers studio cameras, lights, audio, graphics & directing. Field production training covers camcorder operation, audio, lighting, grip and introduction to digital video editing. We cover studio and field productions’ training from planning through editing. Training workshops are also provided for non-linear digital video editing.

Q. Where do you get content that is broadcast on Medfield.TV?

Medfield.TV is a local public access television station, that it is programmed by the residents of Medfield. The majority of content you view on Medfield.TV is produced by residents of Medfield community. Any individual resident or group in town has access to producing programs.

Our policy is to air only programs sponsored by Medfield residents.  Sponsorship forms are available at Medfield.TV studio please contact us regarding requirements for submitting programs.  Sponsors must sign a Sponsorship Request Form taking responsibility for the content of the programming.

Medfield.TV is a local public access station providing an electronic forum for free expression by the residents of Medfield. Essentially, any resident of Medfield is free to express anything they want on their own Medfield.TV program, provided that they can assure us that their program does not contain any illegal content. Medfield.TV has agreed to maintain a public forum for the free expression of ideas, as long as we prohibit all of the following types of content in programs- commercials or advertising; violation of copyrights, publicity rights, or invasion of privacy; violation of FCC regulations; violation of any local, state, or federal law; obscenity and pornography; libel or slander.

Q. What do I do with a new show idea?

Please contact Medfield.TV. The easiest way to get your idea on the air is to take advantage of the free training provided at Medfield.TV to learn to use the production equipment, and produce the program yourself.  We also help you with show creation. It is also possible to produce a new show with existing trained volunteers provided that they are available.

Q. How does Medfield.TV operate?

Medfield.TV’s funding is provided by a “franchise fee” collected by Comcast and Verizon from their subscribers, this is not a tax. Medfield.TV is a 501C3 not for profit organization governed by a Board of Directors. Originally known as "Cable 8" Medfield.TV was incorporated as the Medfield Community Cable Access Corporation in 1987. This fee funds the operating of Medfield.TV through a contract that has been negotiated between the cable provider and the Town of Medfield.

Medfield.TV is an independent corporation designated for a public-education-government (PEG) operation in the town of Medfield. It is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, meetings are conducted on a monthly basis at the Medfield.TV studio and all are welcome to attend the public portion of the meetings. An Executive Director runs the day-to-day operations, with an operating budget that is approved by the Board. Responsibilities also include hiring staff. In addition the Executive Director is also responsible for community and school outreach, productions and programming. Medfield.TV staff is responsible for all technical operations, training and workshops.

For more information, contact Aditi Thatte 508-359-7521; info@medfield.tv.