Become a Sponsor for Medfield TV

Why Sponsor Medfield TV?

Medfield TV is a 501 C3 Non-Profit organization with two main functions; covering the town of Medfield and giving the opportunity for its members to learn how to create their own television programs. Your sponsorship will become a vital piece of Medfield TV growing in both of these facets by helping update old equipment, purchase new equipment and fund the station’s needs to operate.

Event Packages

  • Inclusion on Event Title – “Event” Brought to You By ‘Sponsor Name’
  • Sponsor Name Inclusion on Promotional Media
  • 3 Social Media Posts Prior to the Event
  • Sponsorship Announcement Made Day of the Event
  • Dedicated Sponsor Table at the Event in High Traffic Area
  • 2 On Site Signs One at Entrance and One at a Designated High Traffic Area
  • Sponsor Included in Event Video(s)

Station Packages

  • Full Station Packages or Specific Channel Packages
  • Underwriting Message and 10 Second Acknowledgment on Cable
  • Acknowledgment Video Post on Social Media
  • Full Use of Underwriting Message for Sponsor
  • Acknowledgment Airs at Least 3 times a Day On All Medfield TV Channels Minimum of 9 Times a Day for 90 Days
  • “Sponsorship Acknowledgment” Listed On All MTV Shows for 75 Productions

Bulletin Package

  • Custom Sponsorship Acknowledgment Still Graphic
  • Still Graphic Airs on Bulletin Board Between Shows
  • Acknowledgment on all MTV Channels for 90 Days

For More Information Contact:

General Manager Brett Poirier

Email: Brett@Medfield.TV

Phone: (508) 359 – 8888