Medfield Moment provides a quick peek into the lives of the unique folks of Medfield. Every episode will focus on a new person and will highlight one unique thing about that individual. Those who apply (or are asked) to be on Medfield Moment must fit into one of the following categories:

  • A Hobbyist 
  • A Collector 
  • An Artisan 
  • An Activist 
  • Someone with a special talent or skill 
  • Someone working on a unique project

Additional rules/guidelines to appear on the program: 

  • Must be a resident and/or associated with the Town of Medfield through employment, volunteerism, or a committee
  • May not promote a for-profit organization or business. 
  • May not promote a political candidate (themself or another person) running for office/town government  

The intention of the guest should be to share their passion with others. Guests are encouraged to share the importance of their topic by talking about the value it brings to their lives and possibly to others. They can inspire others to pick up hobbies, skills, activities, etc. that they are passionate about. Guests can also share the work, projects, etc. they have accomplished (showing examples of their work) and mention if they do it as a business. 

The intention of the guest may not be to monetize their skill, hobby, or business through this show. We will not include information on how to contact the guest (unless applicable). This includes websites, phone numbers, emails, etc. Guests must understand and agree that they are promoting ‘themself’ and not a product, service, or business before scheduling an interview. Individuals interested in sponsorship or promotional opportunities may contact the Executive Director at for pricing information.

Think you are ready to share your passion with our community? Fill out the form below. We can’t wait to help you inspire the world!