Intern, Volunteer, Producer Descriptions


  • Either a High School or College student who is enrolled in a class or in a field within the multi-media field
  • Has a goal and purpose for learning and production while at Medfield TV
  • Assists in productions during their scheduled time at Medfield TV
  • Given credits for course value


  • Anyone interested in helping specifically Medfield TV productions
  • Not in studio to work on their own productions
  • Will work with a specific schedule to keep track of their time at Medfield TV
  • Works within Medfield TV’s organized system and will work to complete projects in a timely manner


  • Anyone who uses Medfield TV to create original content for the station
  • An unpaid individual who has their own specific show(s) they wish to create using Medfield TV and its resources
  • They are not asked to assist with other productions and are not credited as volunteering
  • They do not usually have any other goals to learn or enhance their skills beyond improving and producing their own show
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