Spotlight On…Jack O’Sullivan

I love the people [at Medfield TV]. Everyone is extremely dedicated and passionate about what they do and the goals of the organization.

Jack O’Sullivan first started volunteering at Medfield TV toward the beginning of 2022 with a desire to “learn more about film production.” He was an extremely passionate and quick learner and eventually became a Production Assistant – a position he held until September of this year when he left for Boston University to study Film & Television and Business. A lifetime resident of Medfield, Jack attended Medfield High School and said he has always wanted “to go into the film industry,” and wanted to continue learning professional production skills outside of MHS. He added he’s been aware of Medfield TV as an institution “since the beginning. … Medfield TV’s volunteer program had a lot of opportunities where I could gain hands-on experience.”

Jack’s first production as a volunteer was an outdoor interview shoot. “It was a windy day,” he said, “the audio was so terrible that the video couldn’t even be published.” However, through his work with us, he learned all aspects of filmmaking and the improvement in the quality of his work was tangible. Just over a year after his experience with that interview, Jack said he “organized a rummage sale, taught multiple media production classes for middle schoolers, and directed and edited a baking show.”

As Production Assistant, most of Jack’s responsibilities were to film and edit content for Medfield TV. He said his experience here helped him become “much more confident in my film-related abilities on all fronts. … I gained access to advanced equipment that I never would have been able to touch beforehand … and I became far more efficient in how I use Premiere Pro.”

Jack said his experience at Medfield TV has helped him prepare for his college film career – “I have used a lot of my knowledge from Medfield TV in my film classes.” He added his time with us made him a “more confident person. … I’m better at public speaking, working with others, and expressing myself. … I also learned how to be a better advocate for myself and my ideas.”


Your donations during our Year-End-Giving campaign will allow Medfield TV to begin upgrading our equipment and expand our educational programs, which Jack played no small part in making what they are today. By doing so, we will increase our capacity to educate more people who are interested in learning about all aspects of media production. Please consider supporting Medfield TV by clicking the “Support Us” button at the top of this page.

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