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Mupdates: June 2021

Welcome to Mupdates, your monthly Medfield updates! This episode is all about June 2021. We’re covering end of the year school events, the second episode of Medfield Foundation’s show Community Connections featuring the Friends of the Medfield Rail Trail, the Soles of Medfield 10k, MEMO’s Gnome Hunt, and A Discussion With Jonas Gray!

Mupdates: May 2021

This episode of Mupdates, your monthly Medfield updates, is all about May 2021. We’re covering the Cultural Alliance of Medfield’s Building 10 Mural and PorchFest event, a recap of the Mental Health Monday Project, Medfield Together’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Knowledge Quest, Annual Town Meeting, the Anti-Racism Vigil, and Memorial Day highlights. We […]

School Committee Update: May 2021

Jessica Reilly, Chair of the School Committee, gives an update for May! She talks about graduation, the new staff position at the middle school, the June 17th School Committee Meeting with a presentation from Dr. Power, the reevaluation of their strategic plan, and the vote for a new elementary school at Special Town Meeting in […]

School Committee Update: April 2021

Chair Jessica Reilly and Superintendent Marsden join us to give an update on Medfield Public Schools and the school committee. They discuss Medfield’s pool system testing, and how House Representative Auchincloss invited Dr. Marsden as his guest at the President’s joint address to Congress due to the success of it. They also discuss MCAS testing […]

Mupdates: April 2021

A review of Medfield’s month of April 2021! We have New Life Furniture Bank promoting their upcoming 5k fundraiser, Medfield Foundation President Evan Weisenfeld announcing a new show with Medfield TV, Dick Judge from the Grist Mill discussing all that’s going on there, and an update from the school committee!

What the Adults: a CANCELLED wedding, a hatred for mint ice cream, and a new BOYFRIEND

In this episode of What the Adults, podcast hosts Audrey Ensor, Brett Poirier, and Amanda Timons answer some conversation starter question prompts. An introspective chat on past experiences, present perspectives, and future possibilities. Brett and Audrey both think of themselves as the funniest people they know, Brett talks about wanting to be a dad, and […]

Mupdates: March 2021

This episode of Mupdates, your monthly Medfield updates, covers the PorchFest event announcement and election results from the annual town election. Medfield TV hosted the one year anniversary LIVE celebration for the Mike Paige Doodle Club this month and also produced a show with Mike Quinlan about the Elementary School Project in which he answered […]

Mupdates: February 2021

What happened in Medfield in February 2021, and what is coming up for March 2021? In this episode we cover Medfield Annual Town Election information and Medfield Together’s Black History Month Knowledge Quest. We also have updates from Medfield TV’s Executive Director Brett Poirier, Kathy McDonald and Meri Haas from Medfield Outreach, Selectboard Chair Pete […]

Medfield Outreach

This is an interview with Kathy McDonald and Meri Haas, Director and Substance Use Prevention Coordinator of Medfield Outreach. They talk about what Medfield Outreach is and does. They cover topics like current mental health drop-in hours, Medfield Coalition for Suicide Prevention, Medfield Cares About Prevention, and more!

Mupdates: January 2021

This episode of Mupdates, your monthly Medfield updates, is all about January 2021. We cover Medfield Annual Town Election information, the Fire Chief’s presentation at the January 19th Selectboard meeting, and Representative Garlick’s annual report to the community. We also have an update from Jessica Reilly and Leo Brehm of the School Committee as well […]

What the Adults: Reflections and Resolutions

Brett Poirier, Audrey Ensor, and Amanda Timons host another episode of What the Adults, Medfield TV’s first original podcast. This episode covers how 2020 went for Medfield TV, a few of our favorite projects, and some 2021 goals. This show is also available to watch on medfield.tv/watch or Medfield TV’s YouTube channel. 

Mupdates: December 2020 (A Year in Review)

Happy one year anniversary to Mupdates, your monthly Medfield updates! Our December 2020 episode is a special edition of Mupdates that covers the full year of 2020. Medfield TV did a LOT this year and we wanted to share the highlights with our community! Medfield TV adapted in many ways due to the pandemic. We […]

Winter Lights Radio Broadcast

The full radio broadcast from The Winter Lights Drive Thru hosted by Medfield TV and Medfield cultural Alliance held in December 2020 at the Medfield State Hospital. The broadcast features music by Medfield residents and shoutouts from the community.

Mupdates: October 2020

Welcome to Mupdates, your monthly Medfield updates! This episode is all about October 2020. We are covering Medfield TV ‘s St. Baldrick’s Day and Haunted Drive Thru events, and we have a Dale Street School Building Committee update with Mike Quinlan.