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What the Adults Episode1: Astrology Readings

This is our first ever episode of What the Adults! To introduce ourselves Amanda goes over Brett and Audrey’s astrological birth charts as well as her own. We deep dive into the intricacies of their sign placements and learn a whole lot more than we needed to about each of them. Does Amanda make Audrey […]

Mupdates: August 2020

In this episode of Medfield Updates we cover a lot of what happened in August as well as what is coming up in September. First we talk about voting in Medfield and the upcoming State Primary on September 1st. We cover how to vote as well as what you’ll find on your ballot. Brett Poirier, […]

We Did It For You!

An interview with We Did It For You! Producer/playwright Thea Iberall, producer Shirley Riga, and actress Adrienne Williams sit down to discuss the play and the centennial of the 19th Amendment.

Talking For A Change: Just Mercy

“Talking for a Change,” in which guests talk about media that covers Black history and experiences. The host watches and then researches further on the topic given in preparation for a discussion. Our first episode discusses the movie “Just Mercy,” suggested by Richie Wapenyi and Dante Wilson for Brett Poirier to watch.