Spotlight On….Phil Silva

 If the summer was twice as long, I would have happily contributed another 100+ hours!

Medfield Resident Phil Silva first joined us as an intern in the Summer of 2023. He’s currently a senior at Bridgewater State University, set to graduate in May of 2024 with a major in Communications and a focus in Film and Video Arts Productions. Phil said at Bridgewater, most of the production skills he had gained were “through my own research. My time at Medfield TV was what really filled in the gaps of what I couldn’t figure out on my own.”

Phil said he “wanted to improve (his) skills and understanding of the craft enough to where I felt comfortable working in a production company.” He added that he heard Medfield TV “was a good place to take limited knowledge with cameras and editing software and gain more experience.” He “wanted to work (in a team) with other people” as opposed to working on video projects on his own in the school library. Medfield TV’s staff did exactly that for him – Phil worked on a few projects on his own, but he also had the opportunity to join our team on a documentary interview shoot. Silva said working together with Medfield TV’s team had “great benefits. … I can now do and use things I couldn’t before my time with Medfield TV.” Any questions he had would be answered right away by our staff of media production professionals, which led him to being much more efficient and confident in his production skills. Phil explained, “the people I worked with were extremely friendly and helpful. I always felt like they wanted to see me evolve.”

Between the months of June and August this year, Phil volunteered with us for 118 hours. He was one of only two interns this year who put in over 100 hours. “I feel great about my time at Medfield TV,” Silva said. “All of my goals (I had) set … were achieved and beyond by the time I was done.” He added, “I met some great people and I feel that I grew a lot in the craft that I enjoy putting time into. If the summer was twice as long, I would have happily contributed another 100+ hours!”

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