Spotlight On….Emily Morgan

Without Medfield TV I would not have been able to explore my passion in the many ways I did.

Emily Morgan first reached out to Medfield TV about a journalism internship in the summer of 2022. Her first projects were a handful of news stories and interviews that were posted on our TikTok account. Emily said she was “passionate about broadcast journalism” from a young age, and the content produced by Medfield TV included “interviews and were always upbeat, so I was interested in becoming involved.”

She took an online journalism course through Medfield High School, which she said was a “good resource to get started in journalism because of how they taught me to write and public speak.” Emily added, in addition to an education in journalism, she wanted to learn about media production, and Medfield TV was the perfect place for her to do so.

Emily started Warrior Sports Talk with Ceci Camm as a co-host, -writer, and -producer, and was later joined by Curran Coakley. “I am still in touch with them now,” she said, “we were a great team and always helped each other while also contributing to a positive environment throughout each video we made.” With the help of Medfield TV, she became proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, she developed “better editing skills that incorporated graphics, text, and transitions,” and was an integral part of editing nearly every episode of Warrior Sports Talk’s first season.

Emily said her favorite thing about Medfield TV was how she was “able to freely express my creativity through the constant help and resources I was provided with. … (the staff was) always a helping hand, no matter how many times I had a question, and never failed to provide an environment that was a joy to be a part of.”

Emily said Medfield TV, “helped me to build up my portfolio and helped to see the process of improvement throughout my time here.” Now at The University of Rhode Island, Emily said the skills she learned at Medfield TV have been greatly beneficial to her success as a student. “I feel prepared for college because of my experience at Medfield TV.” She uses what she learned from us in video assignments at URI “to better collaborate in the process of video making,” she explained.

“Medfield TV has also provided me with amazing camera skills and has boosted my confidence behind the camera while making certain that my passion for journalism runs deep. … Without Medfield TV I would not have been able to explore my passion in the many ways I did.”

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