Spotlight On….Tatyana Moiseyeva

 Even after my own kids graduate from Medfield Public Schools my videos still can offer moments of joy and pride for other’s families.

Before Tatyana Moiseyeva started volunteering at Medfield TV, she was “a parent with a video camera.” She said she’d support her kids and “record every possible event,” be that a music recital, sporting event, or talent show. Other parents eventually took note of this and would often ask Tatyana to share these videos with them. Sharing these moments with people who couldn’t be there became very important to her – “some family members were in different parts of the US and even in other countries,” she said. She would also share these videos to her kids’ teachers and band instructors so they could be implemented as “educational tools.”

Tatyana’s two kids have been involved in MHS’ music department since 4th grade. Tatyana was eventually referred to us by the Medfield Music Association and she has been one of our most consistent volunteers since 2022, having shot countless events for the community – primarily concerts put on by Medfield Public Schools’ music departments. Her oldest child is now a Junior at The University of Vermont, and her youngest is a Junior at MHS – “Even after my own kids graduate from Medfield Public Schools,” she said, “my videos still can offer moments of joy and pride to other’s families.”

Tatyana said she got her first VHS camcorder in 1997 and started a YouTube channel in 2010, to which she uploaded all of the concerts and recitals she had filmed before her time at Medfield TV. We educated Tatyana on how to use our state-of-the-art video equipment and she now has access to our equipment and can check it out whenever she wishes to record an event or show. This kind of opportunity is possible for all Medfield residents, organizations, and students.

Being involved in Medfield TV’s volunteer program opened up many more opportunities for Tatyana. She expanded the scope of what she wanted to work on from the aforementioned concerts and other school events to the Annual Town Meeting, MEMO Summer concerts, and various events held at Bellforge Arts Center. She started with her primary goal of recording school concerts for the Medfield community, and grew to become a multifaceted producer capable of using a wide array of equipment.

“Photo and video recordings have been my passion since I was in college,” she explained. With the help of Medfield TV, Tatyana has been able to share that passion with more people than ever – “the Medfield TV audience is bigger than just parents of current High school music program students,” she explained. “People could cheer for their neighbors and younger kids could become interested in school music programs.”

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